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Welcome to Hope Animal Cancer Clinic

Welcome to Hope Animal Cancer ClinicWelcome to Hope Animal Cancer Clinic

Clincal Trials

Enrolling Patients Now

Our cancer clinic has started two long term clinical trial for dogs and cats with various cancers. 

HACC has a long term study for dogs and cats with malignant melanoma. Our study incorporates a mushroom supplement at special doses in combination with a "vaccine" type of immune stimulating therapy. Side effects are rare to none and patients are living to celebrate more birthdays with an excellent quality of life. 

HACC recently started a new study with a safe medication that is administered at home. This study is inclusive of many different cancers and patients have been tolerating therapy very well. 

Please contact us for more information. We are enrolling patients in both studies and provide a discount for participating. 

Contact us for more information

Survival times with malignant melanoma were disappointing and rarely exceeded six months. Now patients are living years and some may be cured of their cancer. 

Our new study started with an aggressive cancer of blood vessels called hemangiosarcoma. However, there are several studies in people that have shown this new medication to be effective in many types of cancer and most patients are eligible to enroll. 

We are very excited to offer novel therapy to possibly give our patients more time with their families.