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Welcome to Hope Animal Cancer Clinic

Welcome to Hope Animal Cancer ClinicWelcome to Hope Animal Cancer Clinic

Animal cancer therapy is now offered at home upon request ! We are excited about our new hospital opening! 



About The Special Care At Our Hosptial

Our patient Mr. Chubbs with his mom Kat. We all loved Mr. Chubbs and miss him every day

Hospital and Mobile Animal Cancer Treatment

HACC is a  comprehensive in hospital and mobile  cancer treatment clinic for cats and dogs. Cancer care incorporates the health and harmony of the mind and body. HACC incorporates Eastern and Western medicine to accomplish this. Holistic,  traditional therapy, and clinical trials have given our patients longer and happier lives. 

It can be a very scary time when your  animal is diagnosed with cancer.  We are here to help you through the entire process of learning about cancer, learning how we maintain a good quality of life when treating cancer and loving your animal as if they are our own. Not only do we spend the time to answer all your questions, we also provide you with our contact information to get in touch with us after hours. It is important to us to make sure that your animal has the best care and that your family feels like they are part of our family at HACC.

In addition to specialized home care we offer a variety of therapeutic options. Each patient is unique and treatment is tailored to their needs.  Therapy can consist of well tolerated chemotherapy, immunotherapy (vaccine therapy), holistic treatment and affordable treatment in our clinical trials.  We are very proud to offer safe and potentially life-enhancing clinical trial therapies. It is our goal to care for as many animals as possible and we work closely with charities to accomplish that need. 


Dr. Wendy Lavalle Compassionate and Loving Care

Dr. Wendy Lavalle developed her passion for oncology during her childhood. When she was young she lost a close family member to cancer. Later, she lost her beloved Golden Retriever, Nickita, to malignant  melanoma. Nickita did not have the treatment options available today. Malignant melanoma is a treatable and sometimes curable cancer due to a new therapy with a cancer “vaccine".

Dr Lavalle attended the University of Florida and later on continued her specialized training at an internship at Florida Veterinary Specialists and an oncology residency at Animal Cancer and Imaging Center in Michigan. She also attended various specialty hospitals and Universities for her rotations in medicine, pathology and radiation oncology.  

Dr. Lavalle developed clinical trials for various cancers including malignant melanoma. She has an interest in novel therapy for aggressive cancers and has two ongoing clinical trials. Our team is thrilled with the life changing results for our patients enrolled in our  clinical trials.  

HACC offers compassionate care for both our  patients and their families. We would love to care for your  family member as we would our own. 


Charity and Clinical Trials

Jennie has been an inspiration to our hospital and although she has moved far away she still contributes to our hospitals charitable foundations.  Hope Animal Cancer Clinic works with charitable organizations and provides financial support for those in need. Please visit our charity page for more information about organizations for canine and human cancer research, geriatric canine care and pediatric cancer support. 

HACC donates time and resources when receiving charitable donations as well as for participation in our ongoing clinical trials. 

You can help charities earn money  for FREE when choose a charity and shop on smileamazon.com.  

About Us and Our Team


DoggieMOTION Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practioner Sandy Sullivan

 Sandy Sullivan, CCRP completed her trading in animal rehabilitation at the University of Tennessee. She has a vast knowledge of anatomy, the pathology of disabling injuries and diseases, and how to treat these conditions to give her patients a better life!  Her training and natural ability to understand the source of pain are exceptional.  She utilizes various modalities such as massage, treadmill exercises, and obstacle courses to help her patients regain physical well being. Her love and  empathy for her patients is evident in her dedication and the strong bonds she develops with them. She is a blessing to our hospital. 


Oncology Nurse




Chelsea 🐾💜